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The Popular AL Faeza Farasha Two-Piece Butterfly khimar comprises of a one-of-a-kind
exclusive design. Wide, oversized and replicating the traditional Saudi style coverage
consisting of a flowy and loose drop. The extra fabric under the arm drapes splendidly

providing maximum coverage. Coupled with a lightweight elastic skirt allows for a
comfortable and natural feel. A Niqab and Skirt can be interchanged with various colours to
accustom to different styles, trends and seasons.

Made from AL Faeza’s unique Lightweight Polyester Sultana Fabric the farasha Butterfly
piece will make a perfect modest garment whether you are new to Jilbabs or an experienced
Muslimah. The sleeve design wraps eloquently around the forearms and ensures everyday
tasks are executed with ease. The ‘go to’ Overhead Khimar now comes in an array of
colours allowing a blend of Islamic fashion Whilst keeping true to those Islamic values which
we cherish. Finished in a sublime soft touch luxury feel and coupled with its flowy look, this
piece will surely become a household favourite, will make an excellent prayer garment and a
perfect Islamic Gift. This khimar is longer and wider than the standard Sultanah Two Piece khimar.

Key Features
– Lightweight
– Butterfly design for maximum coverage
– Additional under arm fabric for maximum coverage and looseness
– 2 Piece with matching skirt

Colours Available:
– Black, Taupe Brown, Maroon, Darg Grey, Blush Pink, Dark Green, Grape Purple, Light Grey, Navy Blue

Khimar Length 147cm
Khimar Sleeves 62cm
Skirt Length 105 cm
One Size – Best Fit – 5’2-5’8

Weight 1 kg

Black, Royal Blue, Dark Green, Dark Brown, Dark Grey, Grey, Maroon, Blush Pink, Grape Purple


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