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Modesty is the crown of a Muslimah, and the hijab is dignity, respect and honour. That was Al Faeza’s focus when tailoring these garments! To make sure that it met the needs of the Muslimah and most importantly the requirements which were revealed in the Quran and the Sunnah.

Al faeza brings you The Abaya, The Khimar, The Jilbab, The Niqab and so much more in exceptional colours and beautiful materials. All of Al Faeza’s garments are sourced from the best materials and the best places. Beauty deserves to be wrapped in beauty and that is why we use the very best for the very best.

Check out Al Faeza’s product range and see what suits you!

Best Khimar Zahra Skirt

We have a new range with extra material to give it that loose look and feeling, giving you the freedom to move around and not feel restricted. Run, jump or climb, you’ll experience the raiment flow with your every move.

We have an elegant range with added pockets and zips for that extra convenience of everyday use. No losing sight of your phone, purse or keys anymore!

Whoever said that all jilbabs are the same hasn’t got a clue. It’s like saying trousers are all one and the same, jackets are all jackets, we may as well all be twins. Al Faeza isn’t just a Label, but a Range. You have a huge array of choices from skirts to trousers, suiting your preference.

Every single one of Al Faeza’s garments provide full coverage, whether it’s The Abaya, The Khimar or The Niqab. You’re precious; all of you.

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“Cloak” is a robe-like dress; an over-garment that is traditional to the Arabian Peninsula. Our Abaya’s are tailored to the highest of standards, integrating luxurious fabric with beautiful design.
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A type of hijab; a one-piece overhead garment that fits around the face and flows down to the waist or lower. Our Khimars are unique and come as a one-piece, for variance, and as a two-piece for entire coverage. Take a look at our selection, Al Faeza is certain there will be something for you.
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“Veil” is a face cover; a cloth that covers the head and face with a part cut out for the eyes. Our Niqabs come as full Niqabs and half Niqabs. Our Full Niqabs are something special. They gracefully fall down the back of the body to reach behind the legs.
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And of course we all know what this is. Our Skirts are designed wide giving you the freedom to move and flow. And they are all made from our Al Faeza Original Fabric.
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