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Choosing the right garment for you.

We’ve all been there. That’s right; Al Faeza too. Decisions, decisions, decisions. Where to begin right? Style… Price… Fabric… Quality… What’s most important? AND, of course, it must be acceptable to wear as well otherwise there is no point, right? Don’t worry you are not alone! We want to help you make the right choice.

So, let’s begin with the most important part of the checklist. The question that needs to pass before we move on to Style, Price, Fabric, Quality, Colour, or anything else for that matter: Is it Shari’ah Compliant? Does it fulfil the conditions of being acceptable wear for women?

Once we’ve answered that question then we can worry about the rest of it. Because quite frankly put, if it doesn’t fulfil the conditions of “Hijab”, well the rest of it doesn’t matter anyway so you’ve got nothing to worry about!

So YES! Shari’ah Compliant! Fantastic! Now, what next? We like to advise the next step to be the Fabric and the Quality. No matter how good it looks, or how inexpensive or costly it is, it must feel good.

So YES! United Kingdoms woven fabrics from the source! Excellent! Not much better material than that. Now, what next? Think about the price. If it is good fabric, then we know it will last long so we have a bonus on getting our money’s worth. When looking at the price we need to consider the quality of the fabric, where it is made, how it gets to us. Once we’ve considered those things then just how much we are willing to spend becomes easier to decide.

And now we are left with the easiest choices to make Style and Colour. It is easy! Just be you. Are you a butterfly girl? Here, at the end of all this why not check out this wonderful One Piece Jilbab: (Al Faeza Sitrah One Piece Jilbab)

Sitrah One Piece Jilbab
Sahla Two Piece Khimar

‘Sahla Two Piece Khimar’ – Looking for something to wear for Everyday use..

Al Faeza collection consists of a fantastic and exquisite two piece Khimar. Called ‘Sahla’ after its easy and everyday use’ this style contains two pieces which is constructed from the finest polyester fabric. 100% polyester consisting of a specific and tailored weight, yarn count, composition and most importantly texture. Al Faeza ltd have gone to great lengths to ensure the ‘Sahla Two Piece Khimar’ is an everyday use product, lightweight yet detailed enough to not see through, sturdy and strong whilst maintaining a unique soft touch feel making you fall in love with this product. Whether you are out and about, on your feet, or in an office, school, or home setting this garment is practical and ser friendly.

The piece is equipped with a tie back ( 2 ribbon type attachments) which for many sisters is tied underneath the top layer and hidden from sight. This encapsulates a style which showcases an overflow feel from head to the ankle and complies with all aspects of the Shariah. Modest, Islamic yet fashionable and trendy, this khimar will extinguish any doubts around complying to your Islamic attire without feeling ‘out of place’. Different colours can allow you to choose for any setting and seasons and allowing you to blossom in an Islamic compliant way, insha’allah.

The elastic ribbon sleeved design catches perfectly on the arms and wrist area and the elastic component contracts and expands covering a plethora of varying hand sizes.                                      

Finally, the skirt flows eloquently to the ground covering the bottom to your ankles and as with many Al Faeza ltd items, come as a matching colour to the top overhead khimar piece. Vibrant colors of this ‘Sahla Two Piece Khimar’ mean that varying contrast and colors can be combined giving you the look and comfort that is wanted.

This piece is currently a free size, meaning Al Faeza ltd have one size and is best suited for sizes     5.2” and above. More information around stock availability, size guide, colours and material can be found on the following link:

Al Faeza Sahla Two Piece Set Khimar With Skirt

Be sure to look at the 2 types of material which Al Faeza ltd have as part of their collection pieces, the ‘Sahla Two Piece Khimar’ in both a ‘Sultanah and Rayhana’ material.

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