There are so many reasons to choose Al Faeza and be a part of what Al Faeza is, but this here, is the main one: Al Faeza’s PAST Approach. Values that are now integrated into the ‘Fabric’ of Al Faeza’s values.



Al Faeza wants to do it differently by using carefully chosen materials and offering you high quality clothing which meet your needs and preferences, and at the same time make you feel great.


Al Faeza wants you to love the clothes you’re in for much cheaper. Al Faeza definitely believes in high quality (not quantity). But coming with the best for less, an experience which will definitely stand out from others!


Al Faeza is sincere. Can you see anything here that compromises your desire to be modest? No, right? That is because Al Faeza wants you to look good, but not at the expense of your Hereafter.


We believe in supporting each other, as a family. You are our sisters and we want good for you. Al Faeza doesn’t just want you as customers. Al Faeza wants to build bridges with you, create ties with you, and become cherished by you.

Our goals

It is quite simple: to make a strong Wear Brand for Women, and to make this famous worldwide for its quality and the service that Al Faeza brings with it.

Al Faeza want to be renowned worldwide for perseverance in providing quality clothing at affordable rates. Fame for all the right reasons.

Strong Wear Brand

Quality clothing

affordable rates

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